About Save Our Skies Monterey County (SOSMC)

     SOSMC is associated with the Quiet Skies Coalition of NorCal Metroplex.  It consists of representatives from various Quiet Skies organizations in Northern California that have joined together on a regional basis.  Their objectives center on combating the recent rise in oppressive aircraft noise that currently  plagues the skies over their communities.  Meeting monthly, they cooperate in developing solutions to these problems and to advise FAA engineers on ways to revise those recently imposed flight patterns that 

generates such oppressive noise.  The only avenue for correcting this situation, however, involves citizens exerting pressure on elected representatives and governmental officials.


   The regional problem began during the spring of 2015 when the FAA adopted the NextGen air traffic control system without prior notification or environmental impact reports.  It changed existing flight patterns, ostensibily to save fuel and decrease the carbon footprint left by jet airliners.  Unfortunately NEXTGen redirected flights directly over populated communities and at lower altitudes. This resulted in an onslaught of oppressive noise never experienced earlier.  This is no trivial matter.  The tranquility and emotional health of residents across the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and Monterey County have been adversely affected by the continuous barrage of aircraft noise.  Many long time residents as well as recent arrivals are selling thier homes and leaving areas that were formerly peaceful and quiet.


   Proponets of the NextGen system claim that it allows airports to handle more flights more efficiently and point to the advantages NEXTGEN allegedly provides to the ecosystem.  SOSMC acknowledges that this is true in a narrow sense but that it overlooks the welfare, health, and safety of millions of human beings who make up that same ecosphere.  That, Quiet Skies Coalition advocates argue, is too great a price to pay for greater economy, efficiency, and minor environmental advantages that are far outweighed by the detrimental impact NEXTGEN has on human beings beneath its flight patterns.  We ask you to join us in working to restore peace and quiet to our skies.

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