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Even if you do not experience the unremitting noise of jet planes today


No one wants to live or work near an airport and tolerate its excessive noise, yet the demand for air travel continues to grow.   As a result, the FAA and the airline industry have taken steps to increase the number of flights while enhancing safety and fuel efficiency. That has resulted in the increased concentration of planes into fewer, tighter flight patterns or “rails.”  That means lower altitudes and louder noise for people on the ground, especially for those living beneath the rails.  As air travel continues to grow and new rails are created, many folks not under rails currently may well find themselves joining others bombarded by noise pollution in the near future.  

To make matters worse, when Congress charged the FAA to devise new ways of handling more air traffic, it did not include minimizing noise pollution in its charge.  Neither did it require airlines to install vortex generators on its planes to reduce noise.  Thus, the only way to meet this challenge now is through an act of Congress. 

Presently, the FAA Reauthorization Bill is before the U.S. Senate.  This is an opportunity for all Americans across the nation to require the FAA finally to address noise concerns.  We are asking for your support so that you, too, do not soon find your neighborhood beneath a jet corridor.   Please help in the following manner:


  1. Ask Representative Jimmy Panetta to continue his support of the pre-2015 BSR approach to the San Francisco Airport (SFO) that the FAA has promised will go into effect this August.


  1. Ask Senators Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein to support the FAA Reauthorization Bill (presently passed by the House and now in the Senate) on the condition that it sets limits on the FAA as to its flight procedures and the resulting noise levels on the ground.  The present noise standards are hardly adequate even if the FAA computer measurements deem them acceptable.  Noise levels must revert to the pre-NEXT GEN levels that we experienced before 2015.


  1. Download ADAMS APP on your computer or cell phone. This will allow you to report quickly a disturbing jet flying into SFO.  Try to report at least one plane a day.  This results in pressure placed on the FAA by the airport to improve their ascent and descent protocols.  And don’t be timid about reporting more than one plane a day. (One resident of Carmel Valley has reported as many as forty jets in one day.)  The more, the better.


This is a national problem and can only be solved at the grassroots and national levels.  Your assistance will help to ensure that the skies over Carmel Valley are peaceful and quiet.  Stay engaged and let our federal representatives know that we expect them to keep their promises and work for us.



Reduction in airline noise pollution will only occur if we register our concerns with those who have the power to bring about change.  That includes elected representatives and government officials.  Here are some steps to follow in making your voice heard.  Call and/or e-mail the individual and agencies below.

REP. JIMMY PANETTA (831-424-2229) OR https://panetta.house.gov/contact


 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

email:  9-AWA-NoiseOmbudsman@faa.gov


To identify the loud aircraft and its departing/arriving airport to which you can complain

Log on to:

             Flight Rader at http://www.flightradar24.com/37.19.07/10

Just Click on the plane you are to report and it will give you all the details of the flight in the upper left side of the window.  Then register your report to the relevant  airport.


San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

SFO Hotline:  (877) 206-8290; Bert Ganoung, Manager, SFO Aircraft Noise Abatement

SFO Noise Complaint:  





It's designed to work well on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops). Despite the name, it isn't SERFR1 specific.  Enter your zip code or city in the notes.
There is a very brief intro deck about it at:  


Monterey Regional Airport - Noise Complaints

Google the words "Noise Comment Form Monterey Peninsula Airport District" 

...Keep Reporting  Jet Noise!!! 

We know it's discouraging but still very important
The numbers of reporters and complaints have dropped dramatically. At the very least try to report at least once a day. We have reported over 3,000,000 complaints on jet noise in over 2 years! Data is the undeniable proof why we are restoring the BSR track. Until this is done, it is so important that we continue to report the jet noise. Thank you and keep it up!


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